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UNLEARN IT! Connect With Christine

Hi! I’m Christine Kahane, a Nationally Board Certified Health & Wellness Life Coach, with a private practice in the Evergreen area. Welcome to UNlearn it! It is designed to answer questions you have about your life, your loves, stresses, children, your businesses, careers—in short, your needs and desires, the ones you’ve talked about and some you haven’t yet.

The reason I started UNlearn it!, is so you can read about other’s challenges, and take just a little bit of wisdom to apply to your own circumstances.

When a client brings a question like "I never have enough time. I’m constantly running behind and feel like I’ll never catch up. What can I do?”

If quarantine taught me anything, it's the power of time—how I use it, how it runs me, how I try to escape it, and how I successfully partner with it.

To have a real honest-to-goodness relationship with time you need to get honest with yourself. When you’re forever running to the next meeting, the next soccer game, the grocery store, you’re not fully present for any of it. Your mind is either racing ahead to planning what’s next or you’re worrying about what you wish had turned out differently.

The truth is, time is what you make of it. The key to having more time is this simple:

Get present in This Here Now Moment.

How in the world do you do that?

I start with breathing. Deep breaths. Stop everything you’re doing, pull over if you have to, and take one deep clear breath, let it settle, then take another. And a third. Oxygen to the brain helps regulate its functions. You’ll be able to think more clearly almost immediately.

I’m inviting you to share your stories and questions here. Your real-life experiences are powerfully validating for one another. We can talk about habits you’d like to start and the ones you’d like to let

go of. We can even talk about your wild-blue-yonder. . . the things you dare to dream about.

We can all get wiser together. And, when we do, we thrive. And when we thrive, our community thrives too!

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