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When a client comes to me with a question like—I never have enough time. I’m constantly running behind, and feel like I never have time for myself.

If quarantine is teaching me anything, it's the power of time - how I use it, how I engage it, how it runs me, how I try to escape it, how I successfully partner with it.

There are a few ways to really have a relationship with time that brings you out of the push and pull of feeling you don't have enough, or you're running out of it. If you've felt that skin-pricking, sweaty, panting sensation along with the white-noise-so-you-can't-even-collect-your-thoughts, you've come face to face with a limiting belief about how time works.

Considering the fabric of time - or how we can relate to it, let's break it down into five states of being in time. They are, Stillness, Complexity, Permeability, Ambiguity, and Novelty.

This month, let's look at Stillness.

Still-ness at its core is about embracing emptiness. When you are saying ‘I’m crazy-busy’ or ‘my life is insane’, high energy and excitement are driving you, your creative surges are keeping you from self-calming and unwinding.

Here we take a look at beliefs you may not even know you have, that are actually running your life.

Cracking the Code here is going to be about what being empty means to you. What are the beliefs that keep steering you away from doing nothing? Will you fail, or miss the one moment that could have made all the difference, will you be undeserving of true happiness, do you have to work tirelessly to have what you dream of?

When you can allow your Self to be still, without the sense that you're missing out or forgetting to do something, or feeling guilty because the laundry's not done and you're behind on a deadline for work, you have the opportunity to crack the code on your belief about how you use time.

Here are a few ways to deepen your relationship with time:

  1. Refresh Your Perspective - Ask how time can serve you, rather than your serving its demands. Ask how you can re-negotiate the conditions you've put on your time.

  2. See The Nuances In Your Life - Ask someone you respect to share how they see you, and give attention to the number of qualities you hadn't realized are yours.

  3. Answer The Questions You Don’t Want To Ask - When you're ready to move into Stillness, I invite you to have the conversations with yourself you've been avoiding - you may want to take notes. In fact, if you're not already, it may be a great time to start a journal.

I'd love to hear your experiences of how you're Cracking Your Code. You can leave comments here, or email me at:

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