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Recently a client came to me asking, “How can I get over this feeling of not being able to find my direction? I am so lost.” Underneath I usually find two opposing forces, one that is deeply true for them, and one that dismisses that same truth.

These forces battle under the surface of your everyday life—the one which is stuck in being scared and anxious, chaotic and restless, and the one who needs to escape those feelings at any cost.

If you recognize any of these symptoms in yourself, they can be the cause of deep and chronic stress and anxiety. Prolonged stress can have negative impact on your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

It shows up in a number of ways like—you can’t sleep, or if you manage to get to sleep, you can’t stay asleep; you find you’ve eaten a whole bag of chips without noticing you’ve eaten them; you’re restless, constantly looking for a place where you can feel safe, content, or at ease – then get there only to find that you’re restless again after only a short respite.

Maybe you gamble, or shop five times a week on Amazon, watch TV for eight-hour stretches, or find yourself saying things like, ‘I’ll give up anything but my wine, I need my nightly glass of wine!’

When I coach clients through anxiety responses like these, we open-up the dialogue between the two opposing forces within, because here’s one thing that we don’t often know about ourselves:

We can’t get rid of, ignore, or dismiss any part of ourselves.

And if we can, it’s only temporary. To get lasting peace from that inner battle begins with recognizing the believer, and the dis-believer. That’s where Unlearning starts—you will see a change begin to take hold as you unlearn those beliefs that have been operating you behind the scenes. Once you notice them as they are happening, a feeling of wellbeing and confidence starts to flow.

If you have a question about how stress is showing up in your life and relationships, and would like to get an answer here, write me at: Unlearn it!

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